Entrepreneurship Minor


All UT undergraduates are eligible to apply.


We are no longer accepting applications for SEA 2022.


4 courses (12 credit hours) for $5,500

Connect through Innovation

The Summer Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA) is an intensive, in-person, 8-week summer program. SEA participants will learn to lead, work efficiently with peer team members, develop solutions, and create innovative products. Students will also work with local startups, corporate sponsors, McCombs alumni, and entrepreneurial mentors.

By investing time in SEA, students will develop a foundational understanding of entrepreneurship, through terminology, case-based learning, key theories, and empirical-based practices. Students will engage in experiential learning—learning by doing—to implement creative and innovative strategies across all four courses.


Students who successfully complete SEA will complete 12 hours of the 15-hour Entrepreneurship Minor program.


  • Registration for any of these courses will require that existing prerequisite course requirements are adequately met.
  • All classes must be taken on a letter-grade basis. A student must earn a grade point average of at least 2.00 in a course for it to count toward the Entrepreneurship Minor.
  • Requirement 1 is not offered in the Summer Entrepreneurship Academy.
  • Syllabi from SEI 2021 are for informational reference only. Please do not contact past professors with questions.

MAN 327 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Course Syllabus from SEI 2021


General Course Description: Explores the theoretical foundations and research evidence underlying innovation and entrepreneurship. Subjects include discovering and creating new sources of value, recognizing and evaluating opportunities, generating business models, engaging stakeholders, shaping markets, and competing against larger competitors and entrenched institutions.

MAN 327E New Venture Mechanics

Course Syllabus from SEI 2021

General Course Description: Starting up a new venture involves a wide range of decisions, activities, and processes such as those involved in identifying the potential of an idea, developing and protecting an idea, building a new venture team, creating a business plan, obtaining resources, and establishing a business entity. Covers the basic analytical tools and processes involved in all these aspects of founding a new business.

MAN 337 Develop & Pitch New Ideas
Course Syllabus from SEI 2021


General Course Description: This course provides an opportunity for students to develop communication skills in order to successfully establish, pitch, and launch a new business venture. Over the semester, we will explore the theoretical foundations and research evidence underlying communication, persuasion, and entrepreneurship. A central theme of this course is that, in order to achieve buy-in from investors and win over customers, entrepreneurs must master the art and science of persuasive speaking and writing in addition to building innovative products and services.

MAN 347P Entrepreneurship Practicum
Course Syllabus from SEI 2021


General Course Description: This course is an experiential learning course focused on developing an understanding of the entrepreneurship process through hands-on experience. The course requires students to work in teams on projects with early-to-growth stage startups, focused on helping the startups accelerate their growth, as well as attend weekly class sessions. Through their hands-on work with the startups as well as class discussions, lectures, guest speakers, and assignments, students develop a rich understanding of what it takes to grow a new venture, including developing a strategy and business model, conducting market validation, refining the value proposition, creating a marketing strategy, and developing a funding model.

Informational Video

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The Summer Entrepreneurship Academy accelerates completion of the Entrepreneurship Minor by concentrating 12 hours in a single summer session. Open to all students at UT, this program will put you in a cohort with other innovative students who seek the thrill of solving problems, pitching ideas, and competing in fast-paced markets.

Applying to the 2022 Summer Entrepreneurship Academy

The Summer Entrepreneurship Academy (SEA) is open to all UT Austin students. All students, regardless of status in the Entrepreneurship Minor, should use the same application link to apply for the Institute.


Deadlines for the application:

  • Early Bird Deadline: Friday, February 4, 2022 at 5:00 P.M.

  • Priority Deadline: Friday, March 4, 2022 at 5:00 P.M.

  • Final Deadline: Friday, April 1, 2022 at 5:00 P.M.

We will review applications and admit students after each deadline until all spots are filled. During each review, priority will be given to current Entrepreneurship Minor students. After all spots are filled, remaining admitted students will be put on a waitlist. If non-waitlisted students opt out of the program before it begins, the vacant spots will be filled from the waitlist.


Submitting an application means that you intend to participate in SEA 2022 if you are admitted. We understand life happens and you may need to change your plans last-minute, but please avoid submitting an application just to “have the option” of attending SEA.


Yes – no matter what! You’ll go through SEA in a cohort and work closely with a group of peers throughout the experience. It’s essential you attend all classes in order to get the full experience!


There is no rule prohibiting you from taking the same class twice. Please do check with your academic advisor, since you will not receive credit for the same class twice.

SEA is entirely in-person – no exceptions!

Good on you for planning ahead! But, no. We have deadlines each Spring semester to apply for the upcoming Summer. If you have unique circumstances, please contact the Entrepreneurship Minor office – we are happy to work with you to accommodate.

We review applications and admit students after each deadline until all spots are filled. Students will be notified of their admission status 2 weeks after each deadline.

No, please do not fill out 2 different applications! You’ll be admitted to the minor upon successfully completing SEA.


If you apply to SEA but do not end up participating, your application to SEA can serve as your application for the minor upon your request. We may ask you for some additional information if needed.

Unfortunately, no you can not have schedule conflicts. You must be able to attend the entire program – orientation and classes.


SEA is an intense 8-week cohort program; missing a day is missing a lot, makes for a lot of make up work with very little time, and puts your peers/teammates in a difficult situation.


That being said, we expect SEA participants to be in communication with SEA professors/staff about any absences due to illness or emergency.

Tips & Expectations from Past Professors

  • Learning how to communicate professionalism and good citizenship at work (and in life) can directly improve your opportunities and successes.
  • Treat this summer program & the courses in it as a professional engagement (as you would a job or internship). Be punctual, engaged, polite, respectful.
    • CONTRIBUTE actively and respectfully during class activities, discussions, team meetings.
  • Prepare for class, team, and office hours meetings.
  • Give classmates useful and supportive peer feedback on their negotiation and communication skills.
  • Be willing to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. There is no better place to practice skills than while you are in college.
  • Have a positive attitude!

Student Testimonials

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All undergraduates are eligible to apply.


We are no longer accepting applications for SEA 2022.


4 courses (12 credit hours) for $5,500