Participating Students

Let's Get down to Business

This page is intended for students who have accepted admittance into the 2022 Summer Entrepreneurship Academy. 

SEA’s main page is still a useful resource for more general information.

As we all get used to in-person events, we understand it may be a shock to “clear your schedule” for an 8-week program – but you must participate in-person every day of SEA 2022. 


Classes are Monday-Thursday from 10:00a-3:35p. There is also Friday programming from 10:00a-12:00p. You will be working heavily outside of class. You will be taking 4 full courses in 8 weeks, which includes 4 courses worth of homework over 8 weeks. Assuming SEA will only take your time during class hours is setting yourself up for failure. For example, it is likely not feasible to work even a part-time job and successfully participate in SEA. 


SEA is group-work focused. You will be working on 2 different teams throughout the duration of the program. You have a responsibility to your teams to contribute, make time outside of class, and generally care. While it may be “understandable” to “just coast” in any given class when you personally don’t care about your grade, it is unacceptable to do so in SEA.

You will register yourself for MAN 327, MAN 327E, MAN 337, and MAN 347P as you would normally register for summer courses.


Registration windows are open (at different times for different students):

  • April 25-29
  • May 23-25
  • May 31 – June 1

SEA 2022 costs $5,500 for every participating student. You will pay this through “What I Owe.”


It is each student’s individual responsibility to investigate whether any financial aid they receive will apply to the Summer 2022 semester. Generally, this is done by contacting the source of the aid. SEA is offered through the Entrepreneurship Minor program office, and we are unable to discuss financial aid with students.

Important Dates

Wednesday, June 1 @ 5:00pm

  • due date for $5,500 program tuition

Thursday, June 2 @ 10:00am

  • SEA 2022 begins (with day 1 of orientation)

SEA Schedule

Thursday, June 2 – Thursday, July 28
  • no classes Friday, July 1 and Monday, July 4