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Corporate Sponsors

The Entrepreneurship Minor offers a variety of programs for Entrepreneurship Minor students. Corporate sponsors can request information regarding practicum sponsorships, micro-internship programs, career programs and more. Our programs are designed to have students work with professionals from your company and local startup leaders.


Interested corporate sponsors can email or Christina Snyder for more information.

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make an impact


Invest in tomorrow’s leaders with the Entrepreneurship Minor program. Interested donors can talk directly with McCombs Development and the Entrepreneurship Faculty and Staff regarding the vision you have with future innovative leaders.


For more information email


Hire students across multiple majors to fit the needs of your startup or entrepreneurial venture. Recruit students through our micro internship program.


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Interested in mentoring young bright and curious students? Not sure how to mentor someone? We can help you learn excellent mentorship skills and make an impact in young students lives.


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Practice makes perfect

Our curriculum requires students to hone their pitching skills so that they can communicate customer needs to engineers, marketing, sales, leadership, and technical teams. In addition, students from various majors learn specific disciplines in Entrepreneurship including Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Ideation Creation, Business Plans, Customer Research and more.


Hire an Entrepreneurship Minor student by contacting

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the best campus facilities

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Here at The University of Texas we pride ourselves in having state-of-the-art-facilities. Entrepreneurship Minor students have access to take Entrepreneurship Minor classes across campus including the McCombs College of Business Administration and the newly designed Robert B. Rowlings Hall building.


Sponsor a practicum course by contacting McCombs Development at